Ledgestone is a common building material that has been used for centuries. When you choose Ledgestone for your project, you can achieve a look that is clean and contemporary, rough and rustic, or some combination. With its blocky shape, ledgestone is ideal for stacking; and the variety of colors, shapes, and textures make ledgestone great for almost any masonry or landscape need.

Details: At Empire Stone Company we carry many varieties of Ledgestone from across the western U.S. Today, many ledgestones are produced by means of saws and hydraulic guillotines. This helps you realize the greatest coverage with the least amount of stone. Larger ledgestones are called oversized or dry stack. These stones are perfect for larger masonry projects and applications. Or, in you landscaping, they make wonderful stone walls, accents, and water features.

Uses:  Ideal for masonry jobs. For landscaping, ledgestone can be used to make walls, raised beds, and water features.

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